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DC Practice
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chiropractic loans
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chiropractic loans

Welcome to PrimeCare America's online information center for chiropractic loans.

We are a one-stop shopping mall for health care job seekers, practitioners needing chiropractic loans and practitioners seeking to buy or sell a health care practice.

chiropractic loans
Loan/Lease Programs
When a transaction requires capital, you need someone that can respond quickly and professionally to the need. Small request or large, utilize PrimeCare America, and you will be drawing on a resource that has years of experience offering chiropractic loans for a wide array of business transactions including buying chiropractic clinics, clinic expansion or real estate purchase.

selling chiropractic clinics
Search Our Database!
selling chiropractic clinics

Our free databases allow new doctors to post their information and for employees to find them.

Click here if you are a new doctor

Click here if you are an employer

Click here if you need a loan or a lease

Click here if you are buying a clinic

Click here if you are selling a clinic

DC Clinic
Career Opportunities
PrimeCare America can help you launch a successful career by locating quality positions throughout the U.S. Our goal is to find the perfect clinic opportunity to fit your practice style. This is a FREE service for you, so enjoy the search!

Employers Seeking Associates or Contractors
Finding just the right doctor for your clinic is essential! Just fill in the brief information on this page and PrimeCare America will quickly follow up with pre-screened matching candidates. We do all of the work, you take all of the credit, and yes, it's FREE!

Selling A Clinic
As a potential seller, you want a confidential partner that can provide ANSWERS and QUALIFIED BUYERS! We are here for you. With PrimeCare America, you will also receive a FREE practice evaluation as a listed DC Clinic seller.

Buying A Clinic
Purchasing a DC Practice can be one of the most important and rewarding experiences of your life. You will need the right clinic opportunity, the right financing and the right partner to lead you through the process. Our chiropractor clinic sales division offers chiropractor loans for buying chiropractic clinics or expanding. At PrimeCare America, we can simplify the difficult task of finding just the right match for your needs.

Thank you for visiting! We hope you'll contact PrimeCare America today!

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